Alumnus Madeline Cross-Parkin has braved mental health challenges on her journey to becoming a passionate classical pianist, Instagram sensation and physics undergraduate student.  

Always top of her class in academics and piano, she reflects fondly on her time at Brisbane Montessori School, from the time she was eight months old to 12 years, and again from 15 to 16 years of age. 

“Primary School was pretty good for me. I started learning piano at Brisbane Montessori School and had lovely teachers who started me off on a path of determination,” Maddy said. 

Psychotherapist Philippa Perry nominates the Italian educator and doctor Maria Montessori, who revolutionised children's education.

Montessori schools exist today in over 170 countries. They are defined by a child-centred approach to learning, nurturing independence and individuality in children as young as three years old. In Philippa Perry’s work as a psychotherapist, she finds deep connections with Montessori’s philosophy, which is about believing the person has the power to develop within them.

Montessori principles + aged care = success
What an interesting formula.

The opening of a new Villa Maria Catholic Homes care community at Torquay in Victoria marks the first opportunity for a new aged care community to adopt Montessori approaches right from the beginning.

This year, Montessori Australia is celebrating ten years.

Montessori Australia’s first in a series of personal blog post, sharing personal stories from our community. In Sarah’s post, she reflects on how the Montessori approach helped her to raise three socially-minded children