Psychotherapist Philippa Perry nominates the Italian educator and doctor Maria Montessori, who revolutionised children's education.

Montessori schools exist today in over 170 countries. They are defined by a child-centred approach to learning, nurturing independence and individuality in children as young as three years old. In Philippa Perry’s work as a psychotherapist, she finds deep connections with Montessori’s philosophy, which is about believing the person has the power to develop within them.

Montessori principles + aged care = success
What an interesting formula.

The opening of a new Villa Maria Catholic Homes care community at Torquay in Victoria marks the first opportunity for a new aged care community to adopt Montessori approaches right from the beginning.

This year, Montessori Australia is celebrating ten years.

Montessori Australia’s first in a series of personal blog post, sharing personal stories from our community. In Sarah’s post, she reflects on how the Montessori approach helped her to raise three socially-minded children