Current Research Opportunities

Montessori Australia supports the following research opportunities. Contact Alex Ioannou on [email protected] for enquiries.

Building Alternative Indicators of School Success

Dates: Focus Groups start 20 June 2022

The UNSW/Gonski Institute report released earlier this year, Montessori in Australian Schools: Charting a Path identified the importance of research and evidence as an area of focus for our sector in moving forward. Educational research both here and internationally is increasingly looking to identify alternative ways of reporting and measuring student outcomes, other than through the traditional methods of assessment. With this in mind, UNSW will conduct a short project beginning the week of June 20 through a series of Zoom focus groups with 3 participant groups within Montessori schools: educators, families and community, and students (aged 18 + either currently enrolled or recently graduated within the past 3 years). This research will be used to demonstrate the alternative indicators of school success, particular those benefits provided by Montessori education. The evidence generated will inform policy and advocacy for alternative indicators of schooling.

Montessori Australia is excited at this opportunity and would greatly appreciate it if you could circulate the material to the relevant communities within your school. Attached is a general invitation and Informed Consent form to participate, along with the separate documents for the 3 target groups. 

All questions can be directed to Scott Eacott at [email protected]. Ex/students are asked to make contact with Scott to arrange a suitable time for their Zoom group.

Reflective Practice Survey for Montessori Educators Working with Infants and Toddlers

Mairi Baker, Macquarie University, Master of Research Study

Closing date: 24 June 2022

Target group: all educators working in the Australian Montessori 0-3 early childhood education and care (ECEC) setting.

Survey request to support research: To investigate relationships between reflective practice and educator responsiveness to infant-toddler emotions.

Survey link: 

See survey questions attached.