Current Research Opportunities

Montessori Australia supports the following research opportunities.

Core OutcomeS for Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood Study (COS EPOCH)

Deakin University, Dr Vicki Brown [email protected]

Closing date: 20 September 2021

The aim of this study is to develop a Core Outcome Set (COS) that provides researchers with clear guidance on which early childhood obesity prevention intervention outcomes are most important to measure, and how they should be measured. This will improve the quality of early childhood obesity prevention research, and ultimately will result in early childhood obesity prevention interventions that significantly improve the outcomes that are of the most value.

Steiner and Montessori Education Australia Leadership Project (SMEAL)

UNSW, A/Prof Scott Eacott [email protected]

Contact ASAP.

The University of NSW has approached Montessori Australia to partner in a project (that will become a pilot for a larger ARC-linked project) looking at alternative schools that do not always have standard measures of academic success but who, through an approved alternative curriculum, have shown that they are successful.