Know Quality

Choosing the right Montessori environment for your child is important. Each school, centre or programme is run independently from Montessori Australia and is either privately owned, part of a public school, or run by a non-profit association.

“Montessori” is not trademarked so it is possible for any school or centre to include the word “Montessori” in their name. Most “Montessori” schools or centres aim to offer a quality Montessori programme.

In its role as the national body, Montessori Australia has established an Australian system to identify Authentic Practice for Montessori programs and to support education services in maintaining these standards.

LOGOs on our Directory Listing

Montessori Australia logo: the school/centre has joined our membership programme.  This means that the school/centre pays a membership fee to receive services and support from Montessori Australia and are a contributing member of the Australian Montessori community.  

Montessori Registered logo: the school/centres has been assessed by the national body as meeting Montessori standards.  This assessment was undertaken as part of the previous incarnation of our Montessori Quality: Authentic Practice (MQ:AP) program, a supportive and positive means of continuous improvement by which education services strive to ensure quality and best practice.

MQAP Participating or MQAP Applied logos: show that they are on the journey to become Montessori Registered, but have not yet been assessed.

Click here to go to the new MQ:AP website providing further details about the program.