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Wooden Trays for a variety of practical life exercises, i.e.: polishing exercises, folding and pouring. The trays are also suitable for use in all areas of the...

Retail price: $76.80

SALE $61.45
The Tasting Exercise is used to refine the gustatory sense. The bottles are prepared, by the teacher, with the basic tastes of sweet, sour, salty and bitter...

Retail price: $128.50

SALE $96.37
Sandpaper Letters: Cursive US The Sandpaper Letters guide the hand for writing as the child traces the letter shapes in the style and direction that they are...

Retail price: $184.55

SALE $147.64
This material is used for geometry, specifically exercises of equivalent, identical and similar figures. The set consists of 9 green metal frames with bottoms...

Retail price: $604.75

SALE $483.80
This board introduces the child to gradations of smoothness.

Retail price: $28.85

SALE $23.08
Through activities with the Dressing Frames, the child develops coordination, ability to concentrate and skills of independence. The Dressing Frames are...

Retail price: $65.25

SALE $52.21
A cloth bag containing familiar objects.

Retail price: $51.85

SALE $41.48
As a temporary service to schools, childcare centres and home schooling we are distributing emergency disposable face masks at near cost price. These masks...
Our 3-sided inset pencils come in a wide variety of colours that match perfectly with the Montessori materials. We chose 3-sided as it is more comfortable in...

Retail price: $5.01

SALE $4.00

Retail price: $10.05

SALE $8.04
This material is used for the study of inscribed and concentric figures. The material consists of 9 green metal frames with bottoms and red insets with 1 set...

Retail price: $332.15

SALE $265.72
A set of blue geometric solids used for the calculation of volume. The solids are derived from a base of 10 x 10 cm and a height of 20 cm. Each sold...

Retail price: $134.40

SALE $107.51
A box with a red, a yellow and a blue circle printed on the lid. The box houses 3 coloured knit balls on strings, 2 stakes and 1 wooden slat with dowels. A...

Retail price: $144.00

SALE $115.20
The Leaf Cards aid the child in moving from the concrete representation of leaf shapes to abstraction. There are three series of 18 cards that correspond to...

Retail price: $39.15

SALE $31.32
Additional exercises for use with The Checker Board. Includes: exercise cards, divider tabs and a wooden box for storage.

Retail price: $104.40

SALE $83.52
This set of material represents three cases of the Theorem of Pythagoras. In the first, 2 sides of the triangle are equal; in the second, the sides of the...

Retail price: $702.65

SALE $562.12