Why Montessori?

Montessori is often described as the best kept secret in education. This is not what Montessori had in mind. She envisioned her approach to education as “an aid to life” that would create peace by transforming society from within, one child at a time. 

Looking at the current state of the world it seems her transformative educational model aimed at nurturing peaceful humans is needed now more than ever before. If Montessori is such a beneficial approach to educating children, why is it still a secret? Too many parents have not heard about Montessori’s life and legacy, perhaps because there has never been a popular book or feature movie made about Dr Montessori’s captivating life story. 

Perhaps another reason this method is still a secret is that Montessori’s name has been tied to the method, and since she died in 1952 it’s tempting for people to see it as obsolete and not relevant to present day conditions. 

Those who learn what the secret is about know that the Montessori method is everything that modern research on best practice in education recommends, and more! This is because the Montessori method is based on scientific observation of how children actually learn.

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