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AMI Journal 1999/4

Question and Answer: Why Cursive, AMI

From 'Question and Answer'

"It is a question that arises again and again: Why do we give the children the cursive alphabet rather than printed letters?

Maria Montessori very deliberately presented the children in San Lorenzo with the cursive alphabet. Experience over many decades, in many countries and societies, has shown that the cursive letters are preferable for several reasons.

Perhaps the most striking of these is that children who, from the beginning, learned to write with the cursive alphabet were able to spontaneously read any type of script."

Announcements, AMI
Membership Fees, AMI

AMI Journal 1999/2-3

On the Historical Background of the Montessori-Piaget Relations, Harold Baumann
Montessori in a Therapeutic Setting among Adults with Handicaps, Ted France
Question and Answer re spontaneous drawing (a broad and adapted translation from the French original), Dr. Magda Revesz-Alexande

AMI Journal 1999/1

The Call, Maria Montessori
Educateurs sans Frontieres as Builders of Peace, Renilde Montessori
On Geometry Classified Nomenclature, Camillo Grazzini
A Montessori Class on View (for OMEP Congress in Denmark), Dinny Rebild
Question and Answer (re how materials are used), Maria Montessori
A New Vision (re experience of AMI students), Alejandra Robelo and Maria del Rosario Franco Gallegos

AMI Journal 1998/4

Keys to the World of the Child, Mario Montessori (with an introduction by Hilla Patell
Keys to the World: The Second Plane of Education, Mario Montessori (with an introduction by Camillo Grazzini)
Time Line for Mario M. Montessori, AMI
Reminiscences of Mario Montessori: ‘The Final Chapter’, Dr. Ch. Pieter Henny and Patricia Henny-Wallner

AMI Journal 1998/2-3

Reflections, Mario M. Montessori
Maturation and Education, Mario M. Montessori
The Four M’s: Mario Montesano Montessori and the Materials, AMI (with input from several Montessorians)
Cosmic Education at the Elementary Level and the Role of the Materials, Camillo Grazzini
Proclaiming the Montessori Certitude: Baltimore’s Global Celebration, David Kahn

AMI Journal 1998/1

Mario Montessori: 1898-1998, Renilde Montessori
Mario Montessori - In His Own Right, Bob Portielji, AMI President
Extracts from Maria Montessori’s Last Will and Testament, Maria Montessori (translated from Italian by Baiba Krummins)
Mario’s Contribution to ‘Montessori’ (extracts from her books acknowledging Mario), Maria Montessori
Syntropy & Psychological Growth, Mario M. Montessori (introduction by Camillo Grazzini)
Portrait of Mario M. Montessori, Marilena Henny Montessori
Portrait of Mario Montessori: pictures and reminiscences of a man, AMI (with contributions from many Montessorians)
Remembering Mario Montessori, Salvitore Valitutti
Right Education for the 21st Century, Professor P. Krishna

AMI Journal 1997/4

Positive Discipline, Molly O’Shaughnessy
Maria Montessori - To Learn From The Child, Renilde Montessori

AMI Journal 1997/2-3

The Development of Values: A Life-Cycle Approach, Annette Haines
The Child and Communication, Dinny Rebild

AMI Journal 1997/1

San Lorenzo, the First Montessori Environment, AMI
Laying the Foundations for Cosmic Education in the Child 3-6 Years, Patricia Hilson

AMI Journal 1996/4

The Transmission of Human Values in the Montessori School, Kay Baker
Reflections on a Process (Training of Trainers Program), Phyllis Pottish-Lewis

AMI Journal 1996/2-3

Announcement of the death of Patricia Fay Hilson, AMI
The Common Sense of Montessori Pedagogy, Renilde Montessori

AMI Journal 1996/1

Two Questions Answered by Maria Montessori (re individual work & choice of work), Maria Montessori
“The Secret of Childhood” and “To Educate the Human Potential”, Margaret E. Stephenson

AMI Journal 1995/4

A Message from Maria Montessori in December, 1935, Maria Montessori
The Two Natures of the Child, Maria Montessori
Man Know Thy Wealth, Maria Montessori
Some Words of Advice to the Teachers, Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1995/2-3

Sensitive Periods, Constance Corbett

AMI Journal 1995/1

The Nonverbal Lessons of Attachment, Annette Haines

AMI Journal 1994/4

Every Unnecessary Help is an Obstacle to the Child’s Development, Maria Montessori
Gleanings from the Past, Sister Mary John Bosco