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AMI Journal

AMI Journal 1980/4

Flashes from the Past, Dr. Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1980/3

The Pedagogical Psychology of Maria Montessori - An Evaluation, Desmond Swan
Cosmic Education, Fred Kelpin, Marsilia Palocci

AMI Journal 1980/1-2

The Young Child in Hospital, Tera Boelen-van der Loo
Gifted and Talented Children, Gerard A. van Eldert
The Concept of Giftedness in Montessori, Nimal Vaz
Reason, Creativity and Freedom in Montessori, Michael S. Berliner
Handicapped Children in the Montessori Classroom, Brigitte Ockel

AMI Journal 1979/4

Approaching the Eighth Decennium, Mario M. Montessori
On the Actuality of Maria Montessori, G. Schulz-Benesch
Child and Criminality, M.M. Montessori Jr.
The Montessori Bead material, Mario M. Montessori, J. Nienhuis

AMI Journal 1979/2-3

April in Amsterdam a Rebirth (re 19th Congress), Charlene Trochta
Education and potentialities of the human brain in the first years of life, Dr. Silvana Montanaro
Erdkinder, Dr. M. M. Montessori Jr.
Characteristics of the Child in the Elementary School, Camillo Grazzini
Day Care, Lakshmi Kripalani

AMI Journal 1979/1

Principles and Practice in Education (London lecture, 1936), Maria Montessori
The Education of the Adolescent (Kingsway Hall lecture 1939), Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1978/3-4

Lecture, London 1946 (on the very young child), Maria Montessori
Freedom and Discipline and the Three Levels of Obedience, Jane Stallard
An Answer to a Question (Is the Montessori Method Outdated?), Renilde Montessori
Montessori and 'Traveller' Children, Lona Fleming
Begin a School around the Needs of the Child, Carol Alver
Montessori Method Applied to Varied and Multiple Handicapped Children in the Montessori Special School, Hega Voss-Rauter
Socially Hindered and Behaviourally Disturbed Children, Johannes Pechstein

AMI Journal 1978/2

Observation and Development (from 1946 training course), Maria Montessori
Explanation of certain leading concepts, Mario M. Montessori
The Montessori Method applied to Mentally Retarded Children, Augusto Grosso
The Montessori Method and the Handicapped Child, Theodor Hellbrugge

AMI Journal 1978/1

19th International Montessori Congress in Amsterdam, April 1979, AMI
Dr. Montessori's Message, Mario M. Montessori
On the Significance of Personality Substitution, Jon R. Osterkorn
Emotional Development and Montessori Education on Guiding Instincts, M.M. Montessori Jr.
Mary Eleanor Brown, Montessori Pupil/Physical Therapist, Mary Eleanor Borwn
Montessori and the Hyperactive, Learning Disabled Child, Nimal Vaz

AMI Journal 1977/3-4

18th International Montessori Congress opening words, Mario M. Montessori
Reports from Montessori around the world, AMI
Report on Help the Children Projects in Africa, Muriel Dwyer

AMI Journal 1977/2

The Child at the Age of Seven, Maria Montessori
How to start the Morning in a Montessori Class, Mario M. Montessori
Drawing, A. Varnas
Montessori Jargon, Mario M. Montessori
The Newborn Babe excerpt from The Secret of Childhood, AMI

AMI Journal 1977/1

Think of me first as a person, Rita Dranginis
The Education of Mentally Defective Children, Maria Montessori
News from Australia, Jean Kalker
On the Method, Maria Montessori
Suggestions for the Classroom, AMI
Human Solidarity in Time and Space, Maria Montessori