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AMI Journal

AMI Journal 1985/1

Educate for Peace, Mario M. Montessori
Quotations on Freedom, Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1984/4

Radio talk - Karachi 1949, Maria Montessori
Montessori and the Child with Developmental Disabilities, Nimal Vaz
Quotations from The Child In the Family, Maria Montessori
Moral and Social Education, Maria Montessori
Book review on The Religious Potential of the Child, Sofia Cavelletti, Jan Koning

AMI Journal 1984/2-3

Symposium - Amsterdam 25.4.1984, AMI
Birth and symbiotic life - how we can pass from the geological to the psychological birth, Dr. Silvana Montanaro
Experience with children in the religious field, Dr. Sofia Cavelletti

AMI Journal 1984/1

The Religious Essence of the Child, Sofia Cavelletti
Social integration as a goal of developmental rehabilitation of handicapped children, Theodor Hellbrugge
How Montessori gave pedagogical help to an emotionally disturbed child, Clause-Dieter Kaul
Youth and the construction of society, John Bremer

AMI Journal 1983/4

Obituary Mrs. Rosy Joosten-Chotzen, Renilde Montessori
Group and collective lessons in the Montessori school, R. Joosten-Chotzen

AMI Journal 1983/2-3

Being and Becoming - A Montessori Approach, Gool K. Minwalla
Plan which will best produce a Montessori class, M. E. Stephenson
Montessori and the maladjusted and backward child, A.T. Corcoran

AMI Journal 1983/1

Montessori background of the Members of the Board of AMI, AMI
Background information on the members of the AMI Advisory Committee, AMI
Voices from the Past - Maturation and Education, Mario M. Montessori
Consequences of a Montessori Teachers Meeting, C. Steenberghe
Schoolchildren help Schoolchildren, Hildegard Amelunxen

AMI Journal 1982/4

In Memoriam Mario M. Montessori, Lena Wikramaratne, Dr J. Ewart Smart
Cause, Final Cause, and Montessori Thought, Phil Gang
Two Years at the Montessori Junior High School of Bergamo - Experiences of a Sociologist, Camillo Grazzini

AMI Journal 1982/3

Miss Lena - 1909-1982, AMI
Education for Today's Children, Lena Wikramaratne
Adolescence - An Exploration, Margaret E. Stephenson

AMI Journal 1982/1-2

Mario - 31.3.1898 - 10.2.1982, AMI
Psychogeometry and Psychoarithmetic, Maria Montessori
Reality and Interpretation, G. Schulz-Benesch

AMI Journal 1981/4

Social integration of children with multiple and various handicaps in the Montessori school in Munich, Brigitte Ockel
Maria Montessori Revisited, Maaike van Thiel
Repetition of the Exercise, Elizabeth Brophy
Flashes from the Past: subject - Supra Nature Dr. Montessori, AMI

AMI Journal 1981/3

The School Camp - An Experience in Group-living, Emma N. Plank
Montessori and the child with speech and hearing difficulties, M.E. Stephenson
Two condensed case histories of children who have been through Benincasa, Nancy Jordan
Flashes from the Past: subject - Deviation, Dr. Montessori

AMI Journal 1981/1-2

The Child's Right to Develop, A.M. Joosten
Explorations in Secondary Schools, Schools for Adolescents, J. Koning
Time: The Fourth Dimension in the Montessori Environment, Ardes Johnson
The second plane of development - fertile field for sowing the seeds of culture, Sanford Jones
Flashes from the Past: subject - Individuality, Dr. Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1980/4

A tribute to two great master-architects and their super and universal masterplan, Lena Wikramaratne
Montessori and Social Development, Michael S. Berliner
Talk given at a day conference of Past Students held in the Montessori College, Sion Hill, Blackrock, Dublin, Sr. M. Jerome
Immediate Environment, Maria Montessori