The AMI Journal includes articles by Dr Montessori as well as scholarly papers on Montessori and related topics. This website includes a searchable index of all articles contain in the AMI Journal. To purchase copies of an article or journal please contact [email protected]

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AMI Journal

AMI Journal 1976/3-4

Freedom and Independence, A.M. Joosten
Independence, M.E. Stephenson
Responsibility and Independence, Rita Schaefer
Emotional Foundations of Independence, Jon R. Osterkorn
Independence, the Transfer of Dependencies, Gerald E. Dzura
Teacher Training and Independence with summary of discussions, Mary Raudonis
Independence, Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1976/1-2

About the Importance and the Nature of the Silence Game, Maria Montessori
The Practical Life Exercises, Margot R. Waltuch
The Maladjusted Child in a Montessori Setting, Nancy Jordan
The Education of Normal Children together with Children suffering from various and multiple Handicaps, Theodor Hellbrugge
From the past... Times Educational Supplement 1919 (principally on Practical Life), AMI
On the History of Montessori Pedagogy in its international comparison, G.Schulz-Benesch
Advanced Course in Washington D.C., Margaret E. Stephenson

AMI Journal 1975/3-4

An everliving message (1940 India), Maria Montessori
Reports from Montessori around the world, AMI

AMI Journal 1975/2

Education and Peace (translation of the foreword of the book), Maria Montessori
Motivation: a Montessori View, Jon R. Osterkorn
Grammar: the Montessori Method, Anna Maccheroni
From the past ... Times Educational Supplement of 1919 article from AMI archives, AMI
Going Beyond Spock interview with Dr. Lee Salk, clinical Prof. of psychology and paediatrics, AMI
Games with Constructive Triangles, Camillo Grazzini

AMI Journal 1975/1

In memoriam of Saraladevi Sarabhai, Mario M. Montessori
The Second Plane of Education (London 1939 lecture), Maria Montessori
Help Me To Help Myself (Washington 1974 lecture), Margaret E. Stephenson
From the past... Times Educational Supplement of 1919 article from AMI archives, AMI
Help the Children Project, Mario M. Montessori, Muriel Dwyer

AMI Journal 1974/4

Cosmic Task of Man, Maria Montessori
Learning to Teach message to student, Margaret E. Stephenson
Autumn Leaves, Mario M. Montessori
Learning to Read, Anna Maccheroni
Learning to Write the Montessori Method, Anna Maccheroni

AMI Journal 1974/3

Montessori and the revolution in values, M.M. Montessori
Mario Montessori and A.S. Neill, AMI
Jaime Torees Bodet - In Memoriam, Mario M. Montessori

AMI Journal 1974/1-2

Primitive Man and the Child, Maria Montessori
Evolution and the Child two lectures XXIVth International Course in London in 1939, Maria Montessori
Playing with Numbers, Mari M. Montessori
Science of Education, Claude C. Claremont
Montessori and the Process of Education, M.M. Montessori

AMI Journal 1973/4

The Child and Society, Maria Montessori
The Child's Instinct to Work, Maria Montessori
Two charts: Language Chart; Prepared Paths to Culture, AMI
What brought me to Montessori, Paula Lillard

AMI Journal 1973/1

La Maestra, Maria Montessori
Montessori in Australia, Robert C. Petersen
Operation Solid Cylinders, Muriel Dwyer

AMI Journal 1972/1

Voices from the past ... and the present, Mario M. Montessori
What brought me to Montessori, Conny af Malmborg
Introduction to History (Casa dei Bambini and Cosmic Education], Margaret Stephenson