The AMI Journal includes articles by Dr Montessori as well as scholarly papers on Montessori and related topics. This website includes a searchable index of all articles contain in the AMI Journal. To purchase copies of an article or journal please contact [email protected].

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AMI Journal

AMI Journal 1966/4

Technological Progress and it Impact on Men and the Future of Society, Eugene van der Lely

AMI Journal 1966/3

Special Issue: Anna Maria Maccheroni 1876-1965, AMI
About Anna Maccheroni, different authors in different languages
Dr. Maria Montessori, Anna Maria Maccheroni

AMI Journal 1966/1-2

The Botanical Cards, Mario M. Montessori
The Montessori Method: Science or Belief?, J.C. Bouman
The Child's Place in Society, Dr. Maria Montessori
The discovery of hidden riches and talents in the aboriginal child through the Montessori approach and method, Sr. M. Johanna S.C. S. C.

AMI Journal 1965/4

Disarmament in Education, Maria Montessori
Let's do more than look - let's research, Barbara Edmonson
How Montessori Children fare in other Schools, AMI
Experiences of a Montessori teacher: the function of the use of Punctuation in written language, R. Joosten-Chotzen

AMI Journal 1964/1

In search of answers, Mario M. Montessori
The Montessori Method: Science or Belief, Dr. Jan C. Bouman
International Center of Montessori Studies, Bergamo, AMI