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AMI Journal

AMI Journal 1993/4

Art and Montessori: Some Thoughts on Art and Art Work in the Montessori Environment, Barbro Stenlund
Reflections of a Montessori Child, Mary Gutting Matthews

AMI Journal 1993/2-3

Mario M. Montessori, AMI
Association Montessori Internationale: Past, Present and Future, Mario M. Montessori
Maria Montessori and Supranature: Wireless Telegraphy, Camillo Grazzini

AMI Journal 1993/1

Cosmic Education, Margaret E. Stephenson

AMI Journal 1992/2-3

The Vitalization of Montessori Schools and Japanese Culture, Maria Shizuko Matsumoto

AMI Journal 1992/1

Human Education Toward a New World, Renilde Montessori
Teacher Consultation: An Essential, Estela C. Palmieri
A Decalogue, Dr. Maria Montessori

AMI Journal 1991/4

Looking Back on Looking into the Future (re Nara Japan Congress), Bob Portielje
Hurried to Read, Annette Haines
On Discipline - Reflections & Advice, Maria Montessori
Has Dr. Montessori Made a True Contribution to Science?, Calude Claremont
Children and Working Parents, Dr. Silvana Quattrocchi Montanaro

AMI Journal 1991/2-3

Integration of the Child into the Kindergarten, Maria Roth
Becoming an AMI Trainer, Patricia Hilson and Ulla Wikefeldt

AMI Journal 1991/1

Human Excellence and Montessori Education, S. R. Swamy
First Plane of Development, Margaret E. Stephenson

AMI Journal 1990/4

The Meaning of Adaptation, Dr. Maria Montessori, edited by Mario Montessori
The Prepared Environment and the Disabled Child, Dr. Jon Osterkorn
Learning to Read, Anna Maria Maccheroni

AMI Journal 1990/2-3

Education as a Help to Life, Mario Montessori

AMI Journal 1990/1

Southeastern Montessori Study Conference - Atlanta GA, Dr. Richard R. Salzmann
Montessori in India 1939-1989, Meenakshi Sivaramakrishnan
A Comparative Study of Sensory Training in Early Childhood Education Programs, Shannon Branner

AMI Journal 1987/4

A Montessori Multicultural Environment, Muriel W. Adcock
1907-1987: On the Day of the Epiphany - 80 Years Later, Camillo Grazzini
Introduction then Radio Interview with Flaminia Guidi, Camillo Grazzini
What are the fundamentals of Montessori Education?, Ragnhild Hoff

AMI Journal 1987/2-3

Classroom Management, Jean K. Miller
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Sofia Cavalletti

AMI Journal 1987/1

Observation, Lakshmi Kripalani
The Hand in Education, A.M. Joosten

AMI Journal 1986/4

Follow the Child: A Goal for Contemporary Education, Silvia C. Dubovoy
Learning to Write, The Montessori Method, Anna Maccheroni

AMI Journal 1986/2-3

Peace through Education, Dr. Maria and Mario M. Montessori
Maria Montessori to the Students of her Advanced Course (Kodaikanal, India, March 1944), AMI

AMI Journal 1986/1

Man's Spiritual Expressions: Language and Music, Mario M. Montessori
What Montessori is and is Not, Gool K. Minwalla
The Developmental Potential of the Child in the First Year of Life, Silvana Montanaro, AMI

AMI Journal 1985/4

Contribution of Dr. Maria Montessori to education for securing harmonious development of human personality, A.K. Brohi
The Emotional Dimension in the Second Phase of Development, Mary Hayes

AMI Journal 1985/2-3

Peace and Education, Phil Gang
Report on the International Study Conference 'Peace & Education', Margot Waltuch
Talk at 1st International Forum in Puerto Rico, Renilde Montessori
Cosmic Education, Estela Palmieri
The Contribution of Montessori Education to the Future of Mankind, H.W. Butt

AMI Journal 1985/1

Report on 20th International Montessori Congress in Karachi, Rita Schaefer
Present Day Significance of Montessori Pedagogy from a Paediatrician's Perspective, Theodor Hellbrugge