The Plants Tell A Story

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Suitable Age: 
Ages 3 to 6
Children over 6

This booklet is part of the Montessori great cosmic tales series (available separately), which are based on the great lessons from Maria Montessori and encourage young children to read more about science and history.

Listening to the stories of the booklets provides an engaging way for young child to learn about the world around them while improving their vocabulary and concentration. Each booklet of the great cosmic tale series contains texts that are easy to understand and features realistic pictures used to illustrate the stories supporting the imagination of the child. The booklets can also serve as curriculum support as an introduction to lessons and studying of objects related to the tale. The great cosmic tale booklets are also suitable for individual reading by older children.

This material is suitable for children aged 3 years and up.

1 booklet (14 x 14 cm)