Objects with Similar Cards - Arctic

Made by Montessori
Language Cards
Suitable Age: 
Ages 1 to 3
Ages 3 to 6

Made exclusively for Montessori Australia. This activity is designed for early language development, classification and matching. After being introduced to matching activities through Objects with Matching Cards, young children will be ready for to match objects with similar cards. The set features individually hand-painted miniature objects with printed cards of similar images. Ideal for introducing the next level of abstraction, where the child can identify essential characteristics of an object and apply it to a picture. Montessori Australia offers a range of different Objects with Matching Cards and Objects with Similar Cards sets. After being introduced to these materials, young children will be ready to explore our Three Part Cards series.


Miniatures are individually hand painted high-quality toy figurines featuring vibrant colours, professional sculpting, and accurate detail.