Growing the School into the Third Plane


“But, above all it is the education of adolescents that is important, because adolescence is the time when the child enters on the state of manhood and becomes a member of society.” (Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence)

This workshop will begin with a brief overview of the characteristics of adolescence and consider the key elements of a Montessori approach that supports development through these years. The workshop will cover how to begin an educational environment for the 3rd Plane child, nurture a continuum of development and meet the challenges of sustaining an adolescent community.    

Facilitated by Liz Ghali and presented with a panel of adolescent guides and administrators, the workshop will cover:

1. Characteristics of adolescence

2. Elements of a Montessori adolescent (3rd Plane) environment 

  • The prepared physical environment – land, buildings, equipment/materials, simulation of real world
  • The prepared adults – specialists, Montessori trained adolescent guides
  • The prepared adolescents – readiness  

3. Where to begin 

  • support network school Board, Management, other Montessori guides & parents 
  • developing a statement of the vision/mission 
  • choosing a place
  • choosing the adolescent guides
  • enrolling students 

4. How to nurture a continuum of development  

  • Programming
  • Observation
  • Reflection 
  • Communication 

5. Meeting the challenges 

  • Building & nurturing community
  • Economics & financial viability

Guest panel presenters:

  • Amy Doyle
  • Dr Stephanie Gambrill
  • Ruchika Seth
  • Alex Ioannou 
  • Adam Scotney with Margaret Kroeger

Member Rate $49 | Non-member Rate $125

6:00pm - 8:00pm Sydney Time - use the Time Zone Converter for other location times.

Registration options:

  1. Attend live online via Zoom
  2. Recording of the event - see here for details 

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Monday, 12 July 2021 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Online or Recording