Your Child's Day

Are you tired of spending countless hours doing compliance paperwork? Would you like more time in the classroom focusing on children? 

Montessori Australia is pleased to partner with Your Child's Day to streamline documentation in Montessori settings around Australia.

Your Child's Day offers purpose-built software for Montessori early education centres and schools to ensure the following:

  • Free educators so they can focus on children
  • Connect parents to their child’s journey
  • Give access to an integrated Montessori library

A family-owned and operated business with more than 25 years of experience in the early childhood sector, Your Child's Day CEO Vicki with her Montessori background, and Derek with his software background, knew they could together produce Montessori-supporting software that would meet compliance regulations while helping their educators focus and maximise their time with children. The Your Child’s Day app is the outcome of many years of hard work to ensure educators spend time with what matters most – children.

Montessori Australia is the exclusive agent supplying the product to Montessori organisations. All Montessori schools and centres will  get special rates by applying the ‘MONTAUS’ promo code when signing up for the product. 

Montessori Australia will also bring together an online community of users, so they can engage and network, discuss software update requests, share user experiences and resources.

To learn more about how the Your Child’s Day software can gift your educators time back in the room, CLICK HERE.