Why Take AMI Training?

Founded by Dr Maria Montessori

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), founded in 1929 by Dr Maria Montessori, is a global community which continues today to protect the integrity of her work.

A Guarantee of Quality

The Association Montessori Internationale accredits training centres throughout the world. These centres offer AMI diploma courses which are internationally recognised for their high standard and authenticity. The training is essentially the same in each centre. Training centres accredited by AMI remain under the constant supervision of AMI, are staffed by AMI Teacher Trainers and each course is examined by an external examiner appointed by AMI.

Knowledgeable Trainers Make the Difference

Every AMI course is conducted by an AMI trainer. These dedicated trainers have extensive teaching experience, an academic background, have participated in a rigorous Training of Trainers Program and possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of Montessori principles and applications.

AMI Diploma Provides Opportunities:

- AMI trained teachers have abundant career prospects and are in demand in Australia

- The AMI diploma is recognised worldwide

- AMI is a truly international organisation

- An experienced AMI trained teacher might consider becoming a head teacher, administrator, consultant, teacher-trainer, or the owner of a school

- AMI also offers further programmes for diploma holders including annual Refresher Courses and the Educateurs san Frontières programme (Educators without Borders) which aims to champion the cause of all children and to revisit Montessori principles and practices from the perspective of society at large.