Yass Montessori Pre-School is run on a sessional basis, with enrolments of local children aged between 3 and 6 years.  Children are generally enrolled for one to five days per week, with a maximum of 30 children attending each day.

In a Montessori classroom there is a special atmosphere of cheerful orderliness, calmness and purposeful work. The Montessori environment provides children with materials and activities which are especially suited to the child’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social needs at each stage of development.

Yass Montessori Pre-School offers an enlightened pre-school experience.  Children are supported to develop independence and to use their own creativity and imagination to learn and play.  Montessori-specific equipment and educational aides are used, as well as a range of other books, play and craft equipment.

The Pre-School’s program includes a combination of self-directed play and group activities including music, art and craft, singing, reading, dance, cooking demonstrations, group discussions and news.

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