My Montessori is an independent community based school dedicated to laying the foundation for your child’s future and designed to increase parent’s awareness of their child’s capabilities and need for independence, through the use of Montessori principles and rich resources. We run a series of parent-toddler group programs for 0 – 3 year olds, as well as a preschool program for children between 3-6 years old.

My Montessori is proud to be a pioneer in the sector being the very first traditional Montessori school within Blacktown city council. We are registered and associated with MSCA (Montessori Schools & Centers Australia) as well as Montessori Australia to bring authentic education and development programs to your children. Our programs are run privately & independently therefore do not attract CCS rebates.

The director, Sylvia Arotin, holds an International Montessori 0-3 Assistant to Infancy Full Diploma, 3-6 preschool Montessori assistants certificate, International Communications degree and a Masters in Teaching specializing in early childhood (0-5 yrs) (Honours) from Macquarie University. She has been involved in Montessori teaching over the last 10 years and her passion for children’s learning and development, as well as supporting and educating parents, is fundamental to the My Montessori school. She also hosts a number of parent/educator education seminars based around communication skills and guiding behavior. She now runs the worlds largest online Montessori at Home (0-3 years) support platform with over 200,000 members internationally. You can find many free resources, events and a number of parent/educator education seminars based around communication skills, emotional intelligence and guiding behavior. More resources can be found on Guide & Grow's website:

For more information please download our information and application form, as spaces are limited we offer a wait-list service for those who wish to join our program.

If you would like to learn more visit our website:


0434 585 286
Courtley Avenue
Kellyville Ridge NSW 2155