A child’s first steps into the world set them upon a pathway that unfolds towards their future. We believe that there is nothing more important than giving each child the most solid and secure foundation for these early explorations. We have created a nurturing environment where we can support your child’s natural instincts to connect, explore and grow!

Our name reflects not only our location, with our stunning nature playscape overlooking beautiful Oxford Terrace in Unley, but also the pride we take in implementing a pedagogy that helps each child realise their intellectual potential. The world-renowned ‘Oxford University’ may be on the other side of the world geographically, but we feel connected by a shared pursuit of building a better future by nurturing each learner’s unique gifts. We are delighted to inspire each of our little ‘scholars’ from the very start. Our symbol is the sunrise, representing that we support each child’s dawn of discovery. They already radiate the first glimmers of brightness that will light up their whole lives, and it is our privilege to help them see all the beauty that is illuminated around them.

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18 Trimmer Terrace
Unley SA 5061
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