Kenmore and District Montessori Children’s House has been purpose designed and built to honour the century-old Montessori Method. Careful consideration of the needs of the children, the parents and the staff, together with the use of building materials and practices which respect the environment, have all contributed to the design of the new KDMCH. This is much more than a building - it is a complete environment.

KDMCH is licensed for 75 children aged six months to school entry age. It has five classrooms plus a multi-purpose area which can be used for training, visitors and specialists. The outside playground features two types of sandpits, soft fall and grassed areas. There are children’s gardening areas and lots of undercover shade areas. KDMCH is a sun smart centre.

Children engage deeply in things that interest them. They learn by exploring and doing. Their inborn drive to learn can be warmly supported by the environment we provide at KDMCH. We believe by providing a supportive environment children teach themselves more effectively and joyfully than any other way of learning.

The staff at KDMCH are all qualified in Montessori education and Children Services. The Kindergarten program is delivered by registered early childhood teachers. They are experienced, hard working, caring and committed professionals. Each is a respected and valued member of our community. Teaching is based on deep respect for each individual child. Teachers and carers act as facilitators and guides in the classroom, supporting each child in his/her process of self development. Teachers provide clear structure and firm limits with gentle, understanding guidance. Teachers observe the children carefully. Children are taught to be independent, self controlled and confident by taking pride in their work. Environment is prepared for individual growth of each individual child.

We look forward to sharing the journey of early childhood with your children and family. Please take the time to contact us with any questions, big or small - we will do our best to help you.

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