Resources for Parents

The Stamp Game - learn how to make and present the Stamp Game, a Montessori maths material for children to independently practice the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

AMI Digital - free digital resources to schools, educators and families, starting with language materails for 3-6 year olds.

Online Montessori courses - learn more about Montessori

Dr Kirsty Goodwin's Simple strategies to support your kids’ and teen’s remote learning

Build your own Montessori maths materials - download instructions for making the Addition Strip Board, Bead Frame, Checkerboard, Snake Game and Strip Board.

Montessori as an Aid to Life - supporting children aged 0-3 years in the home environment

Parenting Blog - see our blog postings for practical advice on Montessori parenting

The Montessori Notebook - Montessori at home for babies and toddlers

Montessori at Home - encouraging Montessori principles of order, independence, and self-motivation in the home 

How We Montessori - Montessori in the home environment (24-36-month-olds) 

Learning from Home Handbook for Parents

Montessori inspired indoor activities

Montessori inspired activities for toddlers

Continuing the Learning at Home - inspiration for activities at home (early childhood)

How to create an at-home Montessori for your children

Montessori Parent Coronavirus Survival Guide: Thriving in an era of extended school closures - free Kindle book

Family Music For Mixed Ages - early childhood music programme

The Math Institute (Great Work Inc) & YouTube Channel - Montessori adolescent maths support

ABC Me - ABC will extend its educational programming on ABC ME to support children and caregivers at home, from 10am to 3pm each weekday. The expanded schedule moves from blocks of primary school content in the mornings through to secondary school content in the afternoons, featuring programs such as Ecomaths, ScienceXplosion, Numberblocks and English on the Go.

Montessori Training - Online Montessori early childhood course for parents

100 Ideas for Montessori Early Childhood Students at Home (courtesy of St. Joseph Montessori School faculty and the American Montessori Society)

100 Ideas for Montessori Primary Students at Home (courtesy of teacher Michelle Jacob and the American Montessori Society).

49 Montessori Inspired Indoor Activities

Your teen, study stress and coronavirus - advice from ReachOut