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Issue Contents: 


Special Feature
Dr. Montessori and the Implications of Current Brain Research, Shannon Helfrich
Montessori Education in Cebu, Philippines, Peter Erskine
Montessori in Thailand, Shannon Helfrich
Montessori in Thailand, Timeline and Report, Kannekar Butt
Montessori in Bhutan, Sally Connellan and Andrea O’Halloran

Conferences and EsF
Educateurs sans Frontières
Reflections on EsF Assembly, David Kahn
Reflections on EsF Assembly, Jenny Williams
Montessori Workshop, IEU Conference, Margaret Wayland
AMI/USA Conference, Roelie Murphy
MANZ Conference, AMI Morin

President’s Report
AMTEF Report
Australian Montessori Census 2004
Upcoming Events
2005 International Montessori Congress
2006 AMI Refresher Course
2005 International Montessori Congress
Upcoming AMTEF Courses