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Issue Contents: 


Special Feature
Montessori Indigenous Projects
The Strelley Mob, Ardyn Masterman
Montessori and the Outback, Jim Breadmore
Gamarada Redfern Montessori Centre
Revelation of the Child, Ardyn Masterman
Montessori in an Indigenous Community, Jennifer and Joel Rioux
World Conference on Health Promotion , Presentation by Kerry Arabena

Feature – Workshop Reports
Joen Bettmann Enticement Workshop
Shannon Helfrich AMI/USA Refresher

Reports and Announcements
Federal Government Sponsors Congress
President’s Report
Special thanks to David Kahn and NAMTA
AMI AGM Amsterdam 2004
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
Montessori Pilot Program in Thailand

Upcoming Events
2005 International Montessori Congress
2005 AMI 0-3 Course, Judi Orion
2004 MANZ/AAAA Conference