Montessori Magic! A Parent's Guide to Nurturing a LOVE OF LEARNING

Trevor Eissler
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Suitable Age: 
Ages 3 to 6
Children over 6

A Parent's Guide to Nurturing a LOVE OF LEARNING

You read Montessori Madness, this copy is a revised Australian edition with over 50 pages more to help the reader work through the steps to find an education system that works for their child.

If you are a parent of a young child, this book is a must-read!

We know we need to improve our traditional school system, both public and private. But how? More homework? Better qualified teachers? Longer school days or school years? More funding? The answer is No, no, no, and no.


Just what the wider educational community needs—a book written with passion and understanding by a Montessori parent to other parents. Trevor Eissler is a rare parent who can put into writing his enthusiasm and first-hand experience as a Montessori advocate to other parents.
-Barbara Gordon, President,
Montessori Institute of Texas"

...after five pages I was hooked and read the 290 pages on my computer screen in one sitting...Buy a copy of Montessori Madness and after you’ve read it give it to your sister, your brother, your neighbor, or your local library. “Leave” it at your YMCA, pediatrician’s office, grocery store or wherever, and create a viral marketing
tool for Montessori education. Deliver a copy to your local public school superintendent, your mayor, and your state legislator.
-Maren Schmidt, author of Understanding
Montessori and Kids Talk

This is by far the most passionate, interesting (and even humorous at times) Montessori book we have read in a long time. It is written by a father, a pilot, who compares the Montessori education his children are receiving with his own education. His insight makes this revolutionary educational method understood better even by those teachers and teacher trainers who know it well...it is the most valuable parent book available today.
-Susan Stephenson,
Michael Olaf Montessori Company