Kitchen Creation Set

Classroom Essentials
Infants and Toddlers
Suitable Age: 
Ages 1 to 3
Ages 3 to 6

A great extension to our Children’s Home Set. Food preparation provides a wonderful opportunity for young children to see their efforts make a meaningful contribution. Preparing meals and snacks, baking and serving are satisfying activities that directly support the family's well-being. Grating cheese, slicing a boiled egg, spooning, mashing banana… there are endless possibilities to what can be prepared!


Exclusive to Montessori Australia, this set is suited to children aged 18 months and older. Colours of tools may vary. Kitchen tools included: set of 4 glass bowls, a small porcelain jug, 2 small soufflé dishes, an egg slicer, grater, potato masher and tongs. Colours of tools may vary.


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