Essential Montessori: an Introduction to the Woman, the Writings, the Method and the Movement

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This guide by Elizabeth Hainstock, a leading Montessori authority, gives eloquent expression to Maria Montessori's ideas through her own writings. She presents a history of the woman and her movement, and develops a balanced assessment of the method as an established alternative and supplement to traditional learning practices. A few of the questions fairy and fully answered in this text are:
- What makes the Montessori method different?
- Are all schools that call themselves Montessori genuine?
- What is the role of he teacher in Montessori?
- Can Montessori stifle a child's creativity?
- Has Montessori been proven effective by test results?
- Is Montessori outdated?
- Is the Montessori method rigid?
- Is Montessori too expensive to be practical?