Director of Education (Special Needs), Montessori United, China (Montessori Australia Affiliate) & Australian Montessori Training Institute (AMTI), Asia

Yuwang is a leader in the special needs community. He’s also a devoted father to his son with autism who is 10 years old. He serves as a Curriculum System Developer for DSC and an Autism Employment Guidance Teacher with the Shanghai Minhang District Disabled Persons’ Federation. Additionally, Yuwang is the General Supervisor of the Hefei Autism Rehabilitation Association and formerly served as Vice President of Hailiang Special Education Research Institute, where he developed an integrated education curriculum. 

Currently, he lends his expertise as president of the Cicada Rehabilitation Group Mental Research Institute. With over a decade of experience across numerous organisations, he remains dedicated to advancing special needs education and empowering more autistic children to gain independence and lead happy lives. His vision and passion shape supportive programs that transform lives in classrooms and communities each day.