Theo Zavros, born in Famagusta, Cyprus, and nurtured in the vibrant city of London, has led a remarkable life journey. With a background in the recruitment industry, she served as a senior manager for several years before embarking on a transformative journey to Australia. Upon her arrival in Australia, Theo’s path took an enriching turn when her children enrolled in a Montessori school in Perth. This experience ignited her passion for Montessori education, leading her to immerse herself deeply in its principles. Not only did Theo embrace the Montessori philosophy, but she also generously shared her knowledge and culture with others. Her dedication extended to teaching Greek to non-Greek students, fostering a multicultural environment that celebrated diversity. For over two decades, Theo graced the airwaves as a radio presenter on the Cypriot program, connecting communities and preserving cultural ties through her engaging broadcasts. Her commitment to education and community transcends generations, as evidenced by her prestigious status as a life member of the Kingsley Montessori school. Furthermore, her captivating storytelling skills found expression in her role as a producer and narrator of the documentary series, "Montessori an Inspiration."

In addition to her contributions to education and broadcasting, Theo Zavros showcased her creative side by producing and co-authoring a poetry book tailored for the Greek community in Australia. Her multifaceted journey stands as a testament to a life devoted to enriching minds, bridging cultures, and leaving an indelible mark on the Montessori and Greek communities in Australia.