Executive Team and Board Member

Scott Cromwell is a proud father of 4 Montessori children, a husband to a Montessori educational leader and an educator with 30 years of Montessori teacher and leadership experience across 3 different continents. Montessori highlights for Scott include founding the primary program at the Canberra Montessori School in 1996 and leading the rapidly growing, 500 pupil, Rhein-Main International Montessori School near Frankfurt, Germany in 2006. He has also been fortunate to attain multiple AMI and NAMTA Montessori diplomas for ages 3-15. 

Scott has been at the Brisbane Montessori School for most of the last 23 years and is currently a 9-12 Class Director and the Director of Pedagogical Support. Scott believes that Montessori is about serving the children, helping them to reach their fullest potential and in doing so, helping our communities, cultures and peoples come together in peace. 

Scott is currently on the Montessori Australia Executive Team and a Board member.