Ruchika Seth is the Director of Middle School and Class Director of the Adolescent Program at Brisbane Montessori School (BMS). Ruchika has been at BMS for more than 15 years, working in an upper primary class (Years 4-7) for 3 year before setting up the Adolescent Program in 2012 (Years 7-10). Ruchika completed the Graduate Diploma in Middle Years of Schooling from University of Queensland in 2007 and joined the school that year. Later, she completed the AMI – NAMTA Orientation to Adolescent Studies (12–18-year-olds) at the Hershey Farm School in Cleveland Ohio, in 2011. With help from the school board and management, Ruchika helped set up the adolescent program and received the licence to deliver the Montessori National Curriculum for year 7-10. She has been running the program for the last 10 years with specialist and support staff.