Rebecca Grugan is founder and Managing Director of I Am Montessori, a boutique, specialist company focusing on the Montessori method of Education and creating solutions for early learning in Australia (children 0 to 12). Rebecca has her own Early Learning centres in South East Queensland, and manages a number of centres across the country for different investment groups. She holds a Certificate in Modern Montessori, Diploma of Children’s Services, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Certificate II in Business Administration. Rebecca comes from a PR and Marketing background and has owned and operated multiple small businesses. 

Her project, The Mudes, combined creativity, emotional education, and digital integration to explore social and emotional education in Montessori classrooms, captivating the community.

In 2022, Rebecca co-founded Life by Eight, a framework inspired by Montessori philosophy and nervous system regulation through cold exposure. She uses breathwork to encourage self-exploration, believing in the inner potential of humans and striving to create a community of love and connection.

Rebecca Grugan's journey embodies Montessori from the beginning to the end, connecting the dots along the way.