Lucette van Someren Boyd is mother of 4 adults who attended Montessori and is an AMI 3-6 diploma holder with a great passion for Inclusive education. She has degrees in Early Childhood Education, post graduate diplomas in Child and Family Health nursing and Bereavement Counselling and a Masters degree in Special Education with particular interests in ASD and literacy. She has lectured on 3 continents. 

Lucette has had extensive experience working with children who have Special Needs in inclusive environments advocating the use of Montessori therapy as well as the integration of multi-sensory synthetic phonics using Orton- Gillingham, Spalding and Lindamood techniques. Lucette is a Brain Gym consultant and practitioner and uses these and other movement based modalities such as yoga and Extra Lesson with many children. 

After attending EsF in 2011 and meeting other Montessorians with a similar passion she became focused on how to work through EsF for the Special child and subsequently was invited onto the board of MMPI where she continues to promote Inclusive education.