Julia commenced studies toward her 3-6 AMI Diploma in London in 1985. In the years following, she has established centres and run classes in the UK and Australia. She completed her 6-12 Diploma in Bergamo Italy, her 0-3 AMI Diploma in Australia – as well as attending the inaugural Educateurs sans Frontieres gathering at Citta De Castella in 1999. Julia also holds a Bachelor in Education and a Masters in Educational Practice.

In 2014 Julia became a 0-3 AMI Director of Training and has given Diploma courses in Australia, UK, South Africa, India Vietnam and Japan. She has also completed Orientation Courses in Australia, UK, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, India Vietnam, The Gambia and Nigeria.
She is a member of the AMI Scientific Pedagogical Group, International Examiner for AMI and a 0-6 Montessori Mentor.

In 2008 she was asked by Montessori Children’s Foundation to set up a Pilot 3-6 Program in the Torres Strait Islands as part of the Government Primary School – Tagai State College. Julia lived in this remote community for 6.5 years.This class still exists today with a Torres Strait Island AMI 3-6 , state registered Teacher! This initiative has now grown to include six Parent/Toddler Groups on separate Islands throughout the Torres Strait and one Child Care Center.
Julia’s area of interest is to empower First Nations people to establish and run Montessori programs in their own communities.