Director of Education (Early Childhood), Montessori United, China (Montessori Australia Affiliate) & Australian Montessori Training Institute (AMTI), Asia

Gloria Gao embarked on her Montessori journey in 2012 after a fortuitous visit to a Montessori training centre in Seattle. She attained the IAPM/MACTE 3-6 diploma in Seattle, Washington, and leveraged her five years of classroom experience to deepen her understanding of child development. Eager to broaden her expertise, Gloria pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education from Faith International University in Washington, followed by the AMS/MACTE 0-3 diploma in Seattle. Now, her focus lies in providing parenting support and education for children aged 0-6 years old. With a firm belief in the profound impact of early education on lifelong outcomes, Gloria advocates for the importance of parenting education, viewing it as a catalyst for positive change within families and society at large.