Many new ideas, hopes and dreams were part of the exciting, educational and social upheaval in the 1960s and early 1970s when I began my adult journey in education. Many alternative progressive schools, many inspired by Summerhill and AS Neill’s writings, as well as others, began in that era. At that same time Currambena was beginning its life, aspiring to be a place where children could as Neill claimed "grow in freedom - the bestowal of freedom is the bestowal of love.” When I was able to become part of the Currambena community, I was able to experience this every day. After almost 30 years full time classroom teaching and learning, it was time to take a different path, not into any kind of hierarchical position, but as part of a group of colleagues who initiated the creation of the Australasian Democratic Education Community, ADEC - a network and association to connect and support like minded people and schools. That became my way to continue my passion for education which bestows freedom and love.