Relationships Manager

Cara Morris has been working within the early childhood sector since the age of 17, where whilst studying Education at university she worked as a long day care Educator, and then in the after-school care sector. After studying for her primary teaching degree (Bachelor of Education. JCU), Cara felt like a piece of the teaching puzzle was missing and sought out a different approach that better aligned with her own values as an educator. It was here where she found Montessori.

Cara began her Montessori journey by retraining as an early childhood teacher (Graduate Diploma of Learning Management – Early Childhood. CQU) and joined the world of Montessori within a Cycle One classroom at Building Futures Montessori. She undertook her Montessori training through Building Futures Education (Diploma of Montessori Education). 

Cara then joined the Building Futures Education team as their Training Manager in 2012, entering the vocational training space. As part of her role, she co-wrote the nationally recognised 10718NAT - Diploma of Montessori Early Childhood Education. Seeing a need for affordable and equitable Montessori training for all learners, she continued her advocacy for Montessori as a vocational pathway and developed and wrote the new 11206NAT Diploma of Montessori Early Childhood Education, and NAT11024 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education for emerging Assistant Directresses.

Cara is incredibly passionate about lifelong learning, and ongoing professional development. In 2021, Cara undertook her AMI Montessori Administrators Certificate course at the Montessori Institute of Prague, and she continues to seek opportunities to grow and develop her understanding and love for Montessori by attending as many Montessori events as possible – not only to learn but also to connect with other Montessorians.