Marketing & Advertising Coordinator

Anusha’s passion is to make use of creative skills for making a difference in the field of education. Having a progressive mindset and starting her professional journey back in 2011, she has trained herself in the corporate management sector, growing hand in hand with evolving digital marketing and web development technology. Upon moving to Australia, she brought together her Nepalese community with her influential talk show called “The Influence Academy with Anusha”. She brought together all Nepalese Businesses on a single platform. Also, she has co-founded a network of global education influencers, with the overall organization of the platform, alongside the management of all its features inclusively bringing Influencers together for global collaboration. She has successfully organized various global events by successfully communicating with Influencers worldwide, receiving their priceless positive feedback. She has been making a difference by bringing people together and making an impact. She goes live every day on Facebook at 7:05 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time with her Storytime. She started doing the live storytelling sessions on 22 October 2021, and since then, she has been running them consecutively every day. Children from all over the world tune in to her session filled with kindness, compassion, and empathy.