Andi Becker is a Montessori-enthusiast and evangelist since 40 years. He has initiated several Montessori “Familien Treff’s” in Germany, taught in all school and kindergarten levels and was the educational director of a Montessori school in Thailand before he decided to encourage schools in Thailand to work towards an All Inclusive Education For All (UNESCO). He is the father of 4 boys and one girl and many more children who say “papa” to him. As a well known speaker on international conferences, trainer and GLG consultant about global schooling and alternative education, he focuses on empowering under privileged people and fighting against school dropouts as an educator sans frontier.

Since 2018 he intensified the efforts to make Montessori for All possible. Together with Philipp Montessori and Susan Mathews he had builded up a small team in 2018. As a first effort he created "Montessori.Africa" and keeps in touch with several rural schools in Africa. His goal is to create a Free Montessori Diploma Course that fits or even surplus the AMI standards oriented on the freely available medical courses at Before we can reach Montessori for All we have to create an affordable way for teachers, parents and students worldwide to be able becoming a true Montessorian. The overall home of all efforts will be MariaMontessori.Education - a platform for all schools worldwide and all public schools worldwide can apply to get a FREE website for their school too. All private schools can have theirs too for an affordable yearly fee.