We offer a Montessori Family Daycare in a home environment for 0-6 years and before and after school care for primary learners.  Our numbers limited to one educator per every four children.

We seek to excel above the National Framework and Standards and Early Years Learning Framework, and deliver a life time love of learning for the children, long after they leave care.

In Montessori, our children are active learners who experience hands on, developmentally appropriate activities that foster independent learning.


Family Day Care - We aim to provide a specialised prepared learning environment suitable for education and learning through child led play based activities, work experiences and a high standard of service.

Before and After School Care - We offer a walking collection from nearby Primary schools with care in our home before and after school. As part of our care program children have access to resources and tuition from a University level educator to expand on their interests and experience.

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0451 488 785
2 Bluebell Street
Alexandra Hills QLD 4161