Bilingual Montessori Early Learning, our sister centre in Croydon Hills, also offers bilingual Montessori education. For more information, please visit

Bilingual Montessori Education (Heathmont Kindergarten) is a long standing 65 place kindergarten providing excellent education to its community since 1952. The kindergarten offers a government subsidised long day Cycle 1 Montessori program (families can claim child care subsidy).

Our unique Bilingual Montessori program runs Mondays to Fridays 9.00am - 5.00 pm and consists of:

  • Pre kinder program ( relevant to children born between January - March who will attend Prep at 6 yo)
  • 3 Year Old Kindergarten - Year 1
  • 4 Year Old Kindergarten - Year 2
  • Primary school Prep Program - Year 3

Enrolment Requirements

Pre kinder & 3 year old Kinder: Minimum 2 days 

4 year old Kinder : Minimum 3 days 

Prep Program (First year of Primary School): Compulsory 5 days 

For more information about the Cycle 2 Montessori at Mitcham Primary School, please visit 

03 9007 7810
39-41 Viviani Crescent
Heathmont VIC 3135