Montessori Tours and Travel

Expanding your Montessori mind and experiences!

Montessori Tours and Travel provides a range of international guided travel opportunities that will excite and inform you as you explore Dr Maria Montessori’s global legacy.

Experience historical and current aspects of the Montessori story as you travel with like-minded people in a close knit and intimate group.

Draw from Dr Montessori’s own modelled experience as a traveller. Design your own tour or join a hassle-free scheduled tour with the planning done for you.

  • Our custom and generic tours are unique windows into our amazing world.
  • Travel with like-minded people.
  • Experience historical and current aspects of Maria Montessori’s story.
  • See how the Montessori Method is being applied in more than 110 countries around the world.​​
  • Expand and deepen your understanding of our amazing world, as well as Dr Montessori’s legacy.​ ​

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