Sheep, Cat or Wolf? Putting Montessori in the Context of Contemporary Education Trends for Parents and Educators

Learn how Montessori differs from other methods of education.

This two-hour hands-on workshop encourages teachers, parents and administrators to experience, and reflect on, three different teaching styles that are traced back to the three broad trends in contemporary educational philosophy: behaviourism, progressive romanticism, and interactionism. Participants will appreciate in a very visceral way how the Montessori approach differs to other methods of education.

Participants will come away with an impressionistic, practically informed, experiential sense of the meaning of each of the three major philosophies of education in the world today. Parents will gain a better appreciation of why their children love Montessori so much and why it’s important that they mirror the same principles at home.

This workshop will give participants a “big picture” of where Montessori fits in the world of education generally.

6:00pm to 8:00pm (Brisbane time)


Tuesday, 26 July 2022 -
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Brisbane or Online