Community Service Award

The Willemien Duyker-de Vries Community Service Award

This award recognises a Montessorian who has made significant contributions to their local or global communities through their work in Montessori education or advocacy. This award could also recognise Montessorians who have worked to bring Montessori philosophy to underserved or marginalised populations.

Montessori Australia recognises those who generously contribute resources to the sustainability and development of the services provided by Montessori Australia. The resources can involve sponsorships, volunteer time, and donations of goods and services.

This award celebrates an individual or organisation that has advanced and developed Montessori pedagogy. They hold a passion for authentic practice in promoting and growing Montessori in Australia (and/or the world) and have demonstrated exceptional excellence in their field, whether it be in Montessori education, research, or advocacy. This contribution should be sustained over time (minimum of 3 years).