Montessori Early Childhood Conference

Annual conference and workshop programme for Montessori early childhood leaders and educators.  


Held on the Gold Coast, the Montessori Early Childhood Conference features internationally renown Montessori speakers and industry experts. 

This year's theme focuses on the Montessori Three R's: Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience.

Join us to learn, share and grow for yourselves as educators and for your service.

The conference programme includes:

  • What is Resilience? – Laura Flores Shaw
  • Inclusive Practice in the Early Childhood Classroom: Whose ‘Responsibility’ is it? – Karen Watson
  • How the Montessori Approach Grows Anti-Fragile Adults – Carol Potts
  • Building Resilience Throughout Your Service – Rita Johnston
  • Montessori and the 3 R’s: Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience – Cathy Swan
  • Positive Pathways in Supporting a Montessori Community – Carmel Ellis, Joanne Bosel, Vicki McKinnon

The workshop options include:

  • Walking the Talk: Fostering the Three R’s within Ourselves – Laura Flores Shaw
  • The 3 R’s: Resourcefulness, Responsibility and Resilience – Cathy Swan
  • Discovering the Foundations for Wellbeing – Rita Johnston
  • Responsibility, Resourcefulness & Resilience: A Continuum of Increasing Independence – Carol Potts
  • A Montessori Perspective on Leadership – Karen Bennetts
  • Troubling Inclusive Practices: Examining Multiple Perspectives of Disability in the Classroom – Karen Watson


$540 Subscribers | $720 Non-subscribers

Note that this event has TQI accreditation for 8 hours of professional learning.

Montessori Three R's: Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience
Saturday, 16 March 2019 -
8:45am to 6:30pm
Sunday, 17 March 2019 -
9:00am to 12:30pm
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