Self paced individual integrative learning program in a co-operative environment.

The school is situated in the Sutherland Shire's leafy suburb of Gymea, in Manchester Road and also at Toronto Parade Sutherland. The sites have extensive outdoor areas where the children can play and explore using creative play equipment. In these purpose-built educational environments separate areas cater for the educational needs of children grouped into classes. At Gymea we have groups of 3-6 year olds, 6-9 year olds and 9-12 year olds, and at Sutherland we have 0-3 year olds and 3-6 year olds. Our open plan classrooms are attractively furnished with Montessori materials. The specialised classroom equipment and materials are carefully designed to support the educational programmes and the needs of the children according to their level of development.

Our objective is to provide an educational environment that develops in each child the self-confidence and inner security to learn independently, to build a habit of concentration, initiative and persistence, and to foster the child's curiosity, sense of order and love of learning.

The teaching methods and curricula are based firmly on the methods, insights, materials and discoveries of Dr. Maria Montessori integrated with the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies Syllabi. Lessons and materials presented cater to sensory motor skills, cognitive development, and socialisation, at each stage of a child’s development.

The educational approach differs significantly from traditional methods and above all stresses the individuality of the child. Metaphorically speaking the child in not a vessel to be filled but a lamp to be lit and allowed to shine.

The Montessori motto is 'Help me to do it for myself'.

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