Montessori 6-9 Guide

Central Coast Montessori is looking to add an experienced and passionately committed primary guide to our team. 

If you are not only Montessori trained and experienced but believe your understanding goes beyond providing a practice solely steeped in dogma then we'd love to meet you, have you observe our prepared environments and explore the possibility of working together. 

This is a full-time position, you will take on the role of lead guide for our 6-9 class, you will be supported by an additional guide in the environment and the rest of our team here at CCM. 

We seek an open-minded, energetic and innovative person to hold space for holistic development, one who leads by example, strives to build connections, observes keenly, is inspired/inspiring, inquisitive and importantly, is a team player. 

Please have a look at our website if what you see resonates, get in touch so we can imagine what is possible together.

Please email [email protected] to explore this opportunity.


28 August 2023

The Central Coast Montessori Primary School

10-12 Debra Anne Drive
Bateau Bay NSW 2260