Montessori Educational Leader

Avenues Montessori Children’s House – Sunnybank is a beautiful and calm center conveniently situated near the main road and public transport lines and operates within long day care hours to support the families and children of Sunnybank, Brisbane, and surrounding areas.

We are seeking a highly experienced and skilled Educational leader with the knowledge and experience of working with the Australian Educational System. We are looking for a candidate who has a well-developed understanding of the Queensland Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and Early Years Learning Frameworks and holds a Montessori diploma/degree preferably in the 0-6 years age group. 

This position to work at Avenues Montessori would provide the right candidate with the opportunity to develop their professional skills further with access to internationally experienced Montessori mentoring programs, consistent support staff who offer coverage for programming times, meetings and material making. We also offer in-house training to ensure consistency of practice and approaches to the Montessori Philosophy throughout our environments which the Educational Leader will form an intrinsic part of. 

We seek applicants who have a solid and strong Montessori understanding as well as being highly skilled in auditing, programming, leadership, and mentoring skills. They will play a key role within the development of a group of diverse and international newly trained Montessori staff and would therefore need to have excellent communication and writing skills. The applicant will need to be a team player and have the willingness to learn to use digital programming tools on various levels to support administrative and educational tasks.

The successful applicant will hold an ACECQA recognized qualification in addition to their Montessori Diploma. 

All expressions of interest are to be accompanied by a cover letter outlining your interest in working within Avenue’s Montessori Children’s House – Sunnybank and a copy of your Curriculum Vitae. 

Please email to Kim Adams at [email protected]

The position will need to hold the following current qualifications:

  • Diploma in Montessori 0-6yrs 
  • Diploma in ECC
  • ACECQA recognized qualification
  • Paid positive Blue Card 
  • Senior First Aid
  • Asthma Management Certificate
  • Anaphylaxis Management Certificate
  • Food Handling Certificate
24 October 2022

Avenues Montessori Children's House (Sunnybank)

88 Lister Street
Sunnybank QLD 4109