Montessori Quality Assurance Programme

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The Montessori Quality Assurance Programme (MQAP) has been developed to partner with and support all schools and early childhood centres providing Montessori environments. It will assist schools and centres to engage in a process of review, improvement and maintenance to ensure the highest level of Montessori experiences for children and young persons.

The MQAP not only includes an emphasis on continuous improvement but also a registration component. Schools and centres that have been assessed to meet the majority of MQAP quality standards will be designated as Montessori Registered™ schools and centres.

The MQAP is overseen by the Montessori Quality Assurance Council (MQAC).

The Montessori Quality Assurance Programme is a supportive and positive means of continuous improvement by which schools and centres strive to ensure quality and best practice. The programme has three levels.

APPLIED – Have applied to the programme and committed to the Montessori Charter.

PARTICIPATING – Have committed to the Montessori Charter, participated in an Orientation and Induction Session and are preparing for an assessment visit. The school or centre’s Self Evaluation Reports must be submitted to MQAC within 12 months of the school or centre participating in an Orientation and Induction Session.

REGISTERED – Montessori Registered™ have had an assessment visit and been assessed to be meeting the majority of Quality Standards.

Participating schools/centres will have a signed Charter displayed which says that they believe:

  • All children have the right to an environment that is carefully prepared so that it meets and nurtures the developmental needs of each child.
  • The child is an active participant in the learning process.
  • Multi-age groups aligned with developmental planes provide for optimal social, emotional and cognitive learning.
  • Self-discovery and exploration are important parts of the learning process.
  • A non-competitive approach and the use of self-correcting materials promotes independence and self-confidence.
  • The culturally diverse backgrounds of families and their active involvement in the school or centre enrich and foster a community that embraces tolerance and cooperation.
  • As a result of these beliefs, they strive to implement the Montessori Quality Standards

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