Montessori Education Provider Subscriptions

These subscriptions provide resources and services for Montessori Education Providers including assistance for marketing, professional development, classroom materials, management, recruitment, parent education, communications and more.

The services are provided directly to the provider and are applicable to all staff and parents.  These subscriptions help fund the work of the national body for Montessori, and provide the following benefits:

  • Website listing - a promotions page on the Montessori Australia website
  • Complimentary Montessori Australia Facebook posts for job ads and Open Days
  • Access to the Montessori Quality Assurance Program and eligibility to apply to be Montessori Registered
  • User licence for the Montessori National Curriculum
  • 25% discounted attendance at Montessori Australia events for all staff and parents
  • 10% discount on all Montessori Australia Store materials
  • Complimentary listing of job advertisements on Montessori Australia’s website 
  • Montessori publications including:
    • eBulletin (quarterly, featuring news, events and job vacancies)
    • eArticle (quarterly articles for teaching staff and parents)
    • Board Bulletin (quarterly for directors, principals and other leading staff)
    • Montessori Insights parent magazine (annual Montessori eMagazine)
    • Montessori Australia Annual Report (annual)
    • Access to back issues of all publications and articles
  • Access to consulting services including strategic planning, principal recruitment and governance
  • Complimentary initial phone advice and assistance with operational or governance issues 

Subscription Rates

For parity, the subscription rates are based on the size of the provider, calculated by the number of children and staff.

The 2018 annual fee is calculated at $50 per child and teaching staff member.

Montessori Schools (independent preschools, primary and secondary schools)

The number of children is the number of children currently enrolled at the school.  The number of staff is calculated as the number of classroom staff, both Directors and Assistants.  The minimum rate is $520.

Montessori Early Learning Centres (Montessori ELC, Child Care Centres, Long Day Care Centres)

The number of children is calculated as the number of licensed places at the centre (or the number of children currently enrolled if less than at capacity).  The number of staff is number of full-time equivalent (FTE) educators and classroom assistants (rounded to the nearest whole number).  For owners of multiple centres, the rate is calculated as above on the largest centre, then a flat rate of $520 per centre for subsequent centres.  The minimum rate is $520.

Montessori Programmes in Public Schools (primary and secondary)

A flat rate of $520 per classroom is applicable for Montessori programmes in public schools.

Family Day Care

A flat rate of $260 is available to Family Day Care providers.


A flat rate of $260 is available to Playgroups.

Payment Terms

Subscriptions are for the calendar year and are due either in full or in two instalments, the first due 1 March, the second 1 May.  No pro-rata rates apply.