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Montessori Education Provider Membership

New membership benefits for 2019 include access to:

  • The new Montessori Australia Leaders Advisory Council and its working groups (comprising Principals, Business Managers and Centre Directors) to provide guidance and collaboration nationally on shared needs and services
  • The new Montessori Australia Leadership Development Pool and its project teams (comprising emerging Montessori Leaders) to complete development projects assigned and supervised by the Leaders Advisory Council, access professional development opportunities that explore contemporary leadership in a Montessori context, and importantly, to form a centralised pool from which Montessori Leaders can be recruited nationally
  • State and territory accredited Professional Development events that count towards mandatory PD hours and still attract the existing 25% discounted rate for all staff and parents
  • The new Montessori Australia Professional Service that recognises all approved PD and will be developed collaboratively throughout the first semester of 2019
  • Montessori Quality Assurance Program enhancements that will strengthen methodology, feedback and alignment with other regulatory audits
  • New Parent education options that will be available through video, webinar, targeted online information and resources
  • New business consulting offerings that provide access to carefully selected business experts who also have a Montessori context, from which to support you locally with areas such as:
    • Board and Governance Reviews
    • Strategic Planning and Community Engagement
    • Centre Financing, Establishment and Business Development
  • Scholarship opportunities for exceptional potential observed in Montessori practice

This is in addition to our existing benefits that already include:

  • Eligibility to apply for Montessori Registeredstatus under the Montessori Quality Assurance Program
  • User licence for the Montessori National Curriculum
  • 10% discount on all Online Store materials and access to new clearance sales at heavily discounted rates available occasionally throughout the year
  • Job advertisement and open day marketing on Montessori Australia's website and Facebook platforms accessed by thousands nationally
  • Education Provider listing on Montessori Australia's dedicated webpage
  • Initial phone advice and assistance with operational or governance issues in a Montessori context 
  • Montessori publications including:
    • eBulletin (quarterly, featuring news, events and job vacancies)
    • eArticle (quarterly articles for teaching staff and parents)
    • Board Bulletin (quarterly for directors, principals and other leading staff)
    • Montessori Insights parent magazine (annual Montessori eMagazine)
    • Montessori Australia Annual Report (annual)
    • Access to back issues of all publications and articles
For 2019 we also have new governance and organisational leadership in place and we are excited to invite you to join with us on our new journey for Montessori in Australia.

Membership Rates

For parity, the membership rates are based on the size of the provider, calculated by the number of children and staff.

The 2019 membership annual fee is calculated at $50 per child and classroom staff member.

Montessori Schools (independent preschools, primary and secondary schools)

The number of children is the number of children currently enrolled at the school.  The number of staff is calculated as the number of classroom staff, both Directors and Assistants.  The minimum rate is $520.

Montessori Early Learning Centres (Montessori ELC, Child Care Centres, Long Day Care Centres)

The number of children is calculated as the number of licensed places at the centre (or the number of children currently enrolled if less than at capacity).  The number of staff is number of full-time equivalent (FTE) educators and classroom assistants (rounded to the nearest whole number).  For owners of multiple centres, the rate is calculated as above on the largest centre, then a flat rate of $520 per centre for subsequent centres.  The minimum rate is $520.

Montessori Programmes in Public Schools (primary and secondary)

A flat rate of $520 per classroom is applicable for Montessori programmes in public schools.

Family Day Care

A flat rate of $260 is available to Family Day Care providers.


A flat rate of $260 is available to Playgroups.


Newly opening schools and centres are offered a special discount for 2019 - join for just $520 (per centre for multiple location services).